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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are also called third molars. They come through behind our 2nd molars. They definitely do not add any wisdom! They are called wisdom teeth as they come out later in life around the age of 18 when a person enters adulthood.

Do I need my wisdom teeth out?

In the primitive man, it is thought that wisdom teeth were needed due to their diet which consisted of rough foods so their teeth wore quickly. However, we do not need them nowadays due to our modern diet. They tend to cause more problems.

Majority of people do not have enough room in their mouth for wisdom teeth. Therefore, they can be caught in the bone or only manage to partly erupt into the mouth. They are called impacted teeth. In other cases, they can become decayed, or cause damage to the surrounding teeth. This usually occurs because they are hard to reach, or are in a funny position, and cannot be cleaned adequately.

When do we remove wisdom teeth?

The most common reason for wisdom tooth removal is due to pain or infection. They may also be removed because they could cause damage to adjacent teeth because of their position in the mouth. Another reason is before or after you have orthodontic treatment (braces) as there is unlikely to be enough room for the wisdom teeth to come through in the mouth properly.

Where can I have my wisdom teeth out?

It may be possible for you to have your wisdom teeth out in the chair with local anaesthetic. It depends on the shape of the wisdom tooth which we can assess with xrays. Many patients choose to have wisdom teeth removed under General Anaesthetic, especially if all 4 wisdom teeth are impacted. Another option is to have them out under IV sedation or twilight dentistry in the dental chair. Your dentist will discuss all these options with you at your consult appointment and help you choose the right option for you.