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Why is children’s dentistry different?

At the Dental Sanctuary, all the dentists are parents. We completely understand that we
need to approach dentistry with children in a customised and fun manner. Gone are the
days of old style dentistry. Children are impressionable and sensitive and have different
levels of understanding so we strive to provide a gentle and fun experience. Their mouths
are constantly changing and it is vital that we monitor and provide required treatment at
the right times in the child’s development. We will most importantly be teaching them how
to brush, floss and look after their teeth to reduce the chance of future problems. We are
all about prevention!

When should I bring my child in?

We recommend that children come in for their first check up when the first baby tooth
erupts. It is a great time to discuss some helpful tricks for looking after their teeth,
especially how to use a toothbrush with a very wriggly baby. We can provide advice on
when the next baby teeth will erupt and habits to avoid to ensure healthy teeth. Coming in
from a young age also helps foster a feeling of comfort within the child when it comes to
the dentist.

Why should I bring my child to the dentist regularly?

Regular visits to the dentist and having a great experience will encourage better dental
health for the long term. Just like us, children can develop phobias of the unknown. With
regular visits to the dentist we can prevent a fear of the dentist from developing, and build
confidence and trust between your child and their dentist.

We can also identify any dental problems early so that we can prevent or manage them.
Treatment for early problems are often easier and faster.
They will also learn to take care of their teeth from an early age creating great lifelong

Why should we take care of baby teeth if they will fall out anyway?

Baby teeth play a very important role in keeping space. If there is decay in a baby tooth
and the baby tooth needs to be removed too early, the teeth on either side will move and
may close the gap so that there is less or no room for the adult tooth to come through. This
will cause problems in the future and increase the chances of needing further treatment.

What will my children experience?

At the Dental Sanctuary, from the moment they walk in, your child will feel at home. We
have a fun kids corner with books, toys and ipads. We love getting children involved in the
treatment process, and making it a fun and memorable experience. We believe in
explaining each step and creating a calm and trusting environment. When in the dental
chair, we will play games and explain everything we do so that they have a positive
experience every visit!