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Even after decades of use, braces are still one of the most popular ways to correct improperly positioned teeth. You may consider braces as means to straighten crooked teeth, align upper and lower jaws, enhance the aesthetics of your smile, and relieve pressure on jaw joints.

Braces often use materials such as spacers, bands, brackets and wires to gradually push and pull your teeth into new positions. They can be made from ceramic or metal components, depending on what your orthodontist deems most appropriate, and the dollar amount you are able to spend.

Braces are highly effective in providing a long-term solution for smile confidence and, although this form of orthodontic treatment is common for adolescents, teeth can be moved at any age. That means that most adults are eligible for braces, pending an evaluation from a dentist or clinician.

If you’re unsatisfied with your ‘bad bite’, there’s no need to suffer discontent any longer. The Dental Sanctuary have supported thousands of local patients to improve their smile with braces treatment, and you can reap the benefits too. Contact our friendly dental team for more information and to arrange an initial appointment today.


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